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9270 Ready to Move-In Projects in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Arete Homes (1008 sq.ft)
42.01 L - 73.39 L
Ponneri, Chennai
Akshaya Vaan Megam (352 sq.ft)
14.05 L - 23.75 L
Vembedu, Chennai
Akshaya Today (982 sq.ft)
37.31 L - 50.72 L
Senganmal, OMR , Chennai
Rajarathnam Construction Blooming Garden (790 sq.ft)
16.59 L - 42 L
Red Hills, Chennai
Kara One Crest (3800 sq.ft)
9.69 Cr - 18.46 Cr
Nungambakkam, Chennai Central, Chennai
Prestige Silver Springs (1166 sq.ft)
1.3 Cr - 6.59 Cr
Panaiyur, Chennai south, Chennai
Radiance Residencia (982 sq.ft)
29.46 L - 88.68 L
Thaiyur, OMR, Chennai
Alliance Humming Gardens (1270 sq.ft)
66.2 L - 1.2 Cr
Kelambakkam, Chennai
Collector Nagar (648 sq.ft)
5.51 L - 14.96 L
Chinna Irumbedu, Chennai
Bhagavathy Temple Side (1500 sq.ft)
70.5 L
Guduvancheri, Chennai south, Chennai
Last Updated: May 12, 2021
Showing 1 - 20 of 9270

Ready to Move-In Projects in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Gallery Cover Pic of Arete Homes
OfferGet Assured Rent 8%* > EMI 6.9%
₹42.01 L - 73.39 L
EMI starts at ₹22.25 K
By Prime Lifespace
2, 2.5, 3 BHK Apartments
Possession Status
Ready to Move in
Avg. Price
₹3.65 K/sq.ft
One Township, Infinite ExperiencesArete Homes is the first integrated residential township of Ponneri, North Chennai. A 20 Acres land with Phase I of Smart Integrated Residential Township. Arete Homes, a well planned gated community, comprising 7 magnificent towers rising with the elevated podium.The towers consist of Smart 2, 2.5, 3 BHK apartments. With more than 74% open space, it is a pre-certified Platinum rated Green Building by IGBC, that ensures better energy management. Arete Homes offers maximum comfort and convenience to its residents with world class health and entertainment ameniti...Collapse

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Gallery Cover Pic of Akshaya Vaan Megam
₹14.05 L - 23.75 L
EMI starts at ₹7.44 K
Marketed by Domestic Reality
1, 2 BHK Apartments
Possession Starts
May, 2020
Avg. Price
₹3.99 K/sq.ft
Akshaya brings to you a housing project that will turn your dream of becoming a proud home owner in a global city like Chennai. Introducing Akshaya Vaan Megam to you! This is the project that will fulfill your aspirations without putting you under stress of stretching your budget. Available in the configurations of 1BHK to 2BHK, these cozy apartment units are up for grab for a limited period of time. With each passing week, homebuyers are zeroing in on their favourite units and it is just a matter of some time, the project will be fully booked. Located in Tiruporur near Kelambakkam, the projec...Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Akshaya Today
₹37.31 L - 50.72 L
EMI starts at ₹19.76 K
Marketed by Connection Point
2, 3 BHK Apartments
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹3.80 K/sq.ft
Akshaya Today is a green home with a CRISIL five star rating. Unlike other gated communities, Akshaya Today is a mini-city having open residential zones that offers the best amenities. This luxurious residential zone nestles several thoughtfully sized homes amidst lush greenery. The tranquil, clean and secure environment makes it very desirable. Being in compliance with Vastu is also an added advantage. Special care has been taken to ensure utmost privacy for the families. The ample cross ventilation facilitates smooth passage of natural light and fresh breeze.Collapse
Seller + 3 more
Residential Lands for Sale in Rajarathnam Construction Blooming Garden
₹16.59 L - 42 L
EMI starts at ₹8.79 K
By Rajarathnam Construction
Residential Plots
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹2.10 K/sq.ft
Rajarathnam Blooming Garden offers beautiful residential plots located in Redhills, Chennai. Developed by Rajarathnam Construction, these residential plots come in 1,200 square foot and 2,000 square foot.The project locality consists of many amenities such as a gymnasium, indoor games, badminton court, golf course, jogging track, library and kids play area. Blooming Garden is a gated community with CCTV surveillance and security.The locality has well-developed transport system supporting the residents to connect to other areas with ease. The Villivakkam Railway Station is 12.6 kilometres away ...Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Kara One Crest
₹9.69 Cr - 18.46 Cr
EMI starts at ₹4.81 Lacs
Marketed by Home Konnect
4, 5.5 BHK Apartments
Possession Starts
Mar, 2021
Avg. Price
₹25.50 K/sq.ft
Kara One Crest is a residential project by Kara Property Ventures LLP located at Thousand Lights in Poombukar Nagar. The key amenities of the project include Landscaped Garden, Spa/Sauna/Steam, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool and Lift. Owing to its location, facilities such as schools, hospitals, ATMs, and markets are available at a close distance from Kara One Crest. An extensive network of public transports in the close vicinity makes the project accessible.Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Prestige Silver Springs
₹1.3 Cr - 6.59 Cr
EMI starts at ₹64.54 K
Marketed by Connection Point
2, 4 BHK Villas
Possession Status
Ready to Move in
Avg. Price
₹9.48 K/sq.ft
Prestige Silver Springs is an exquisite enclave that comprises of lavish dwellings. The tower sprawls across an expansive area, offering residential enclaves that are crafted to perfection. Its aesthetically designed green spaces will surely soothe your mind and soul. A place where you can enjoy the best of community living as well as your privacy in your living spaces. Prestige Silver Springs encompasses a number of amenities and is indeed an alluring address you will be proud to own. Dwell in the richness of this project and lead a life replete with comfort, peace, contentment and love with ...Collapse
Seller + 3 more
Residential Lands for Sale in Radiance Residencia
₹29.46 L - 88.68 L
EMI starts at ₹15.60 K
Marketed by Property Junction International
Residential Plots
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹3.00 K/sq.ft
Radiance Realty a renowned real estate development company has proposed its new residential project Residencia in Thaiyur, Chennai. Thaiyur is one of the popular places to have property in Chennai. Its neighboring areas are Kelambakkam, Muttukadu, Navallur, Padur, Thalambur, Thiruvidandhai, Tiruporur near Kelambakkam, and Kanathur Reddikuppam. Good schools, educational institutes, and reputed hospitals are established here. Restaurants, banks, and other utility shops are also located in the vicinity. It is a good area to own a residential place. Several developers are offering their projects i...Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Alliance Humming Gardens
₹66.2 L - 1.2 Cr
EMI starts at ₹35.06 K
Marketed by Connection Point
2, 3, 4 BHK Villa, Apartments
Possession Starts
Jun, 2018
Avg. Price
₹4.43 K/sq.ft
Alliance Humming Gardens is a residential project in Kazhipattur, Chennai. Alliance Humming Gardens offers Villa. Available configurations include 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK. Villa, as per the area plan, are in the size range of 1270.0 - 1896.0 sq.ft.. The property is Ready to Move. The project was launched in January 2016 and possession date of Alliance Humming Gardens is Jun, 2018. Alliance Humming Gardens is located in Survey No. 1373 / 2B4 And 2B5, Thaiyur, OMR, Chennai. The project is developed by Alliance Group. There are 181 units for sale.Alliance Humming Gardens is equipped with various resi...Collapse
Seller + 3 more
Residential Lands for Sale in Collector Nagar
₹5.51 L - 14.96 L
EMI starts at ₹2.92 K
Marketed by Golden Nest Realtors
Residential Plots
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
Our project collecter nagar is strategically located at Chengalpattu to Thirukzhukundram - 4 Lane state Highway Road ( SH-58 ) ,Surrounded by many industries,educational institutions,tourist attraction ect,This fully developed by DTCP approved plots with modern amenities and sophisticated infrastructureCollapse

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Gallery Cover Pic of Beaver Guru Kripa
₹67.5 L
EMI starts at ₹35.75 K
Marketed by Beaver Construction
2 BHK Apartment
Possession Starts
Apr, 2021
Avg. Price
₹7.50 K/sq.ft
Property for sale in Jamalia, Chennai. This project, that is, Beaver Guru Kripa is a well designed project by Beaver Constructions. It is offering Under Construction units. If you are looking at Apartment, you should check out Beaver Guru Kripa. Available configurations include 2 BHK. As per the area plan, units are in the size of 900.0 sq.ft.. Project possession is slated for Apr, 2021. There is 1 building in this project. Total number of flats at Beaver Guru Kripa is 7. Beaver Guru Kripa is located in No. 26/17, Desiya Colony, Perambur High Road, Perambur. There are 7 units in this resident...Collapse
Residential Lands for Sale in Crystal Garden
₹14.88 L - 1.0 Cr
EMI starts at ₹7.88 K
By Vainavi Homes
Residential Plots
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹2.98 K/sq.ft
Crystal Garden is a residential plot by Vainavi Homes. This plot is available for sale in Potheri, Chennai. This project offers plots in various sizes. The minimum plot size is 500.0 sq.ft. and the maximum size is 3366.0 sq.ft.. There are 229 units in Crystal Garden. The address of Crystal Garden is Vallalar Nagar Main Road, Thailavaram, Guduvanchery.Crystal Garden ensures a coveted lifestyle and offers a convenient living. Sports enthusiasts can also make the most of Cycling & Jogging Track.  There is 24x7 Security. Other provisions include access to Landscaped Garden, Storm Water Drains.Bank...Collapse

Frequently Asked Questions about Chennai

What are the top ready to move projects in Chennai?

Which ready to move projects in Chennai are close to Top Schools?

The ready to move in projects close to Top schools in Chennai are:

What are the best areas to buy ready to move projects in Chennai?

The best areas to buy ready to move projects in Chennai are:

How many ready to move Projects are available in Chennai?

There are 370 ready to move projects in Chennai.

What are the best luxury projects in Chennai that are ready to move?

What are the most affordable projects in Chennai that are ready to move?

The most affordable ready to move projects in Chennai are:
Residential Lands for Sale in GTK Shobha Castle
₹16.79 L - 31.55 L
EMI starts at ₹8.89 K
By GTK Foundations
Residential Plots
Possession Starts
Mar, 2021
Avg. Price
₹2.40 K/sq.ft
GTK Shobha Castle Lands is a residential plot by GTK Foundations. This plot is available for sale in mannivakkam, Chennai. This project offers plots in various sizes. The minimum plot size is 891.0 sq.ft. and the maximum size is 1124.0 sq.ft.. This project was launched on JAN 2021. There are 100 units in GTK Shobha Castle. The address of GTK Shobha Castle in Mannivakkam.GTK Shobha Castle Lands ensures a coveted lifestyle and offers a convenient living. It is aGated Community. Other provisions include access to Storm Water Drains.Mannivakkam is well-connected to other parts of city by road, whi...Collapse
Total number of properties: 9270
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Gallery Cover Pic of The Nest Cultures
₹47.07 L - 1.24 Cr
EMI starts at ₹24.93 K
By The Nest Builder
1, 2, 3 BHK Apartments
Possession Starts
Apr, 2021
Avg. Price
₹6.85 K/sq.ft
Presenting Nest Cultures, your gateway to a lifestyle of comfort, connectivity and tranquility. Nest Cultures is an aesthetically designed premium apartments, located in Sembakkam, a rapid developing urban locality nestled between Tambaram and Medavakkam. The apartments are prominently housed in a perfect balance of quiet and dynamic, almost like the Zen way of life. The locality has so much to offer, being one of the most highly preferred destinations to live by families and professionals in the city. The area is perfectly connected with ceaseless transport options to reach every nook and cor...Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Signature Oaklyn
₹50.61 L - 63.93 L
EMI starts at ₹26.80 K
By Signature Conshtructions
2, 3 BHK Apartments
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹4.80 K/sq.ft
A home in every sense of the word, OAKLYN brings you beautiful 2 & 3 BHK apartments surrounded by every facilities and filled with every amenities required. Built on 2400 Sq.Ft. of land in west Chennai at Gerugambakkam, only 5 spacious flats ranging from 940 Sq.Ft. to 1202 Sq.Ft. are available. Experience the convenience of a great location and comfort of a well designed and built abode.Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Bhagavathy Subramani Enclave
EMI starts at ₹0
Marketed by Bhagavathy
2 BHK Apartment
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹3.70 K/sq.ft
Bhagavathy Subramani Enclave is a project by Bhagavathy Construction in Chennai. It is a Ready to Move project. Bhagavathy Subramani Enclave offers some of the most conveniently designed Apartment. Located in Tambaram, it is a residential project. Bhagavathy Subramani Enclave offers some of the most exclusive 1 BHK, 2 BHK. As per the area plan, units are in the size range of 565.0 - 931.0 sq.ft.. The address of Bhagavathy Subramani Enclave is Tambaram.Bhagavathy Subramani Enclave ensures a coveted lifestyle and offers a convenient living. It offers facilities such as Lift.Bhagavathy Constructi...Collapse
Residential Lands for Sale in Budget Sai Garden
₹13.51 L - 29.1 L
EMI starts at ₹7.15 K
By Budget Housing And Properties
Residential Plots
Possession Starts
Apr, 2021
Avg. Price
₹1.85 K/sq.ft
Budget Sai Enclave in Padappai, Chennai South by Budget Housing is a residential project. Budget Sai Enclave price ranges from 12.09 Lacs to 41.50 Lacs. And we do customized Villas starting from 39Lacs. It is a ready to move project. Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Sharon Emerald
₹45.85 L - 52.54 L
EMI starts at ₹24.28 K
By Dolly Homes Builders & Promoters
2 BHK Apartment
Possession Starts
Mar, 2021
Avg. Price
₹5.40 K/sq.ft
Dolly Homes brings you an Easily Affordable Residential Property- SHARON EMERALD which is located at the 8th Street of Balaji Nagar in Selaiyur, East Tambaram – a Flood Free Zone. The total distance from Velachery Main Road (Camp Road Junction) to our site location is about one KM and four KM from Tambaram Railway Station. SHARON EMERALD contains 12 Architect Designed, Luxurious 2BHK Flats with excellent floor space optimization. We have designed these luxury flats of varied floor space suiting your budget with independent Covered Car Parking. Two bore wells with adequate depth provide...Collapse
Residential Lands for Sale in Sri Sai Nagar
₹15.79 L - 71.76 L
EMI starts at ₹8.36 K
By JK Group
Residential Plots
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹2.99 K/sq.ft
SRI SAI NAGAR -Navalur– A Gated Community Residential Layout Owned and Marketed by E5 JK Group, Proximity to your work Place, Schools & Colleges is our Dream Concept, a Layout, enables you to Live, Walk to your place of work or study and return home without depending on any form of transport. This layout is approved by CMDA and RERA. It is surrounded by well-established residential areas, shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutions and IT Companies enabling you to spend more time @ home with your family. The project is offering Residential Plot. There are 270 units. As per th...Collapse
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